Subject Re: [IBO] Re: CachedUpdates ?
Author Helton de Oliveira

Thanks for your help. It was very appreciated... Your solution is very
But i think there is a more "ibo oriented" solution, so somebody could say
something about it ? Helen ? Geoff ? Jason ?
The original message follows bellow.

Thanks again,


>Hi all,
> I have a form with a TIB_Grid linked to a TIB_Query, where the user enter
many records. The form also has a button >called "Post" and other called
> When the user click on Post, all records must be posted to the database,
if he clicks the Cancel all the records entered >must be discarded.
> I do not want a transaction that exists during all the time the user is
entering the records in the grid (the user could leave for >a coffee and
come back later). To accomplish this i'm using cachedupdates with the query:
when the user hits the Post >button i open an explict transaction, call
applyupdates and then commit; in the other hand, if he hits the Cancel
button i call >cancelupdates and all the records are discarded.
> This is working fine, but i'de like to know if there is a more
"ibooriented" way to accomplish this. Without cachedupdtes >maybe ? Any
suggestions will be welcome...
> Thanks,
> Helton