Subject CachedUpdates ?
Author Helton de Oliveira
Hi all,

I have a form with a TIB_Grid linked to a TIB_Query, where the user enter
many records. The form also has a button called "Post" and other called

When the user click on Post, all records must be posted to the database, if
he clicks the Cancel all the records entered must be discarded.

I do not want a transaction that exists during all the time the user is
entering the records in the grid (the user could leave for a coffee and come
back later). To accomplish this i'm using cachedupdates with the query: when
the user hits the Post button i open an explict transaction, call
applyupdates and commit; in the other hand, if he hits the Cancel button i
call cancelupdates and all the records are discarded.

This is working fine, but i'de like to know if there is a more efficiently
way to accomplish this with Ibo. Without cachedupdtes maybe ? Any
suggestions will be welcome...