Subject master/detail help
Author Scronkey
Hi there,
I am trying to import data into 2 tables (master/detail).

I'm using TIBCursor's for this.
I have a generator on the master table, and I'm trying to link them
up so that when I insert a record into the detail, the relevant link
is made, but I can't get this to work.

I have created a source to the master, and ref this through the
details Mastersource property, then I set up the details MasterKeys
to reflect the relevant field.
When I do a prepare on the detail query I get an error about a WHERE
My actual query is an INSERT query, and I have no where clause in
the query, so I'm assuming this has to do with the master link

Can someone explain whats happening here? Or how to setup a
master/detail in code?
NB, these queries are in source, not using the components.