Subject AW: [IBO] Win 98 problems.
Author Arnd Brockmeier
Hi Russell and Raymond,

Thanks for your answers.
After 6 hours of removing parts of my dialog and at the same time creating a
I have found something :-)

First, I´m unable to create a demo. Just ib_query and ib_grid together on a
form is working perfect.
No loss of resources on Win98. So my first guess was wrong!

Second, not activating the ib_query (the rest of the dialog is still
working) and theres no loss of resources. On this dialog are 20+ components
and not only IBO :-( .

Third, there is "something" with IBO 4.2Hi because using an older Version of
IBO (for example 4.2 Fi) with
the same source, and everthing is working fine, no loss on resources. :-(
(This Fi -Version is NOT the latest working Version, just one installed
Version on a second computer...)

I found the problem, but not the reason, so that´s not a good solution:
My ib_grid was on an OvcNotebook (Orpheus-Components from Turbo Power, a
PageControl). After removing this component and simply put my grid on the
form and then recompile and there was no resource-loss at all. I have this
OvcNotebook on nearly every form, without any (resouce-)problems.
I will have to check my resource-viewer (on 98) very closely the next time
but i hope this was only some kind of strange combination :-)

Again, thank you for your help!


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Russell Belding
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2002 04:53
Betreff: Re: [IBO] Win 98 problems.

Hello Arnd
I am in a testing phase and Win9x as a client is important to me also. I am
using D6 (sp1), IBO 4.2Hf, Firebird build 821 and have not seen the problem
you mention.
There was a Win98 problem with IBO4.2Ha which is not in Hf.

My notes on this are: [ I installed 4.2.Hf and the problem I saw with 4.2.ha
is not with 4.2.Hf.
I saw a note for the Hf release about "Win98 resource problem with
TIB_Grid". The error I had was with closing TIB_LookupCombo in my program
(but I had not succedded in reproducing the error in a simple program). It
was also with TIB_LookupCombos embedded in TIB_Grids. I did not investigate
this much, only observed the problem. My problem has gone from Win98. I am
setting up a Win95 test and will come back to this thread if the error shows
up in the Win95 test. ]

With IBO4.2Hf my program looks OK in both Win95 and Win98.

Can you make the problem happen in a small example? If you can and you send
me the source I'll try to reproduce the error here, so we both can chase the


Russell Belding

""Arnd Brockmeier"" <arndbrockmeier@...> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I4m not shure if that4s the same problem...
> Everytime I show a dialog with an IB_Grid on it, I4m loosing about 1-3% on
> System and GDI-resources. After using this dialog more or less 20 times my
> application crashes (and Win98 also).
> I4m using D6 (SP2) and IBO 4.2Hi

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