Subject ibo / isapi /dll /locks
Author stewartbourke
This is probable not an IBO issue, but I wanted to ask first in case
anybody else had come acress these issues.

I am working with IBO v4 trying to setup an isapi dll to deliver some
data via a webserver. I appear to be having sme sort of
deadlock/locking issues, but I cannot find out where.

I am working wth D5 ent/IBO v4/ IBV6, open source version, Isapi DLL.

Within IBO I am using the IBO BDE-compatible components.

Is there any way I can find out what tables are locked after the DLL
has been invoked. I I understand from the docs that the IBODATABASE
has a transaction component dynamically created and it is supposed to
look afther this handling itself, but I am sure I am doing something
wrong. Pessimistic locking is set to false everywhere.


Stewart Bourke