Subject Master.Edit scrolls the Detail
Author exsoft4
Sorry, that I post this message again, but I'm still
stuck with the following problem:

There is a Master- and a Detail-Table (Both TTables
or TIBOTables). The active Record of the Detail
is e. g. the last record.

I do a Master.Edit

the Detail stays at its active record,
(the behaviour I need)
the Detail scrolls to the first record

The problem occurs only, if the detailtable has
more than one masterfield.
There is no problem with only one masterfield!

I suppose this is a bug, because the TIBOTable
should work similar to TTable.

(Jason Wharton requestet a sample app and
I sent it to him, but I'm afraid I got
neither a receipt nor a response until now)

Our Application alternatively works with Paradox/BDE
or Interbase, so I have to use TIBOTables.
(I use D5, BDE or IB-Objects 4.2 Hh)

I tried to find the reason for this, but the
IBO-Sources are rather extensive and complex...
so I got not very far:
In TIBODataset.RefreshParams the Flag "WasChanged"
is set to TRUE. WasChanged is TRUE, because
InternalDataset.Params.RowState is rsModified which
is, because AssignParamsValue assigns NULL-Params
to Cols, that have Values.
==> The FParams are not assigned. There are two
params, but they have no values, in contrast to
one masterfield, where a value is assigned.
Where or when are these FParams assigned?

Stefan Rausch