Subject IB4O_2H IBODataset Error message 'DoUpdateRecord'
Author mikesthbris
I have upgraded to the latest version.
Using Delphi 5 professional (Build 6.18).
I have followed the "HowToInstall" instructions and think that I have
installed all requirted packages. Also installed the IP package.

Now receiving compile errors :
[Error] IBODataset.pas(207): Method 'DoUpdateRecord' not found in
base class
[Error] IBODataset.pas(240): Declaration of 'ProcessTransactionEvent'
differs from previous declaration
[Error] IBODataset.pas(278): Property 'PasswordStorage' does not
exist in base class
[Error] IB_NodeList.pas(77): Undeclared identifier: 'TIB_UpdateKind'
[Error] IB_NodeList.pas(78): Undeclared identifier: 'TIB_UpdateAction'
[Error] IB_NodeList.pas(103): Undeclared
identifier: 'TIB_FilterOptions'

Please advise me on what I have missed.