Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Query refresh
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 12:52 PM 19-07-02 +0200, you wrote:
>The problem I wrote about last recently is not bound to cases with
>CachedUpdates, only.
>After updating a TIB_Query previously removed rows are not displayed any
>more, this is correct.
>But otherwise newly inserted and committed rows are not
>displayed, unless the query is unprepared and prepared again.
>The data in the DB is as expected.
>What could the reason be?

You don't need to unprepare and reprepare a query unless the base SQL
statement (exclusive of parameters) changes. In that case, IBO performs
the unprepare automatically and, in most condition, also the fresh prepare.

Are you confusing the Post method of the dataset with the Commit method of
the transaction? Unless you have autocommit true, these are separate
methods that pertain to different classes and each must be distinctly
called. (With cached updates true, autocommit is forced false).

It might elucidate what your problem is, if you provide the SQL statements
you are using for your select, inserts and deletes.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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