Subject newbie: DEFAULT & NOT NULL
Author Scronkey
Hi there,
(sorry if this is posted twice, my form just disappeared before)

Using Firebird & IBO 4
I have two issues confusing me a little:

I have a table with a smallint field which has a default value of 25.
When I use the TIBOQuery, this default value is obeyed, but when I
use the TIB_Query this default value seems to be ignored. I'm aware
that I can set this default value through the actual TIB_Query
component, but this seems to defeat the purpose of setting the
default values in the gdb metadata.

2) (maybe more of a firebird question)
In this same table, I have four fields with NOT NULL. When I do an
insert into this table, and try to post without filling in one of
these fields, I get the relevant message saying this field cannot be
null. But when I go back and edit a record, I can clear out these
values, and I can post the record with blanks in these fields.
What am I not understanding here??

Thanks for any info,