Subject Re: [IBO] Using IB_SQL to update V5 to V6/IB metadata
> I have a version 5 database that I'm converting to FB and at least partially to IBO in
> order to learn about IBO and FB before beginning a new big project.
> In order to do this, I need to first alter 3 tables to change the now-reserved word YEAR
> to TheYEAR and update all of the stored procedures that use them.

I have not had to do this for some time, but do you have two
networked machines available?
Set up one with IB5 and the other with Firebird.

> IB_SQL doesn't show me the source to these tables so that I can change them.

I did not have any problem reading the IB5 source tables
with IB_SQL and I don't think it is broken now, just connect
and use the metadata extract?

> Also, I haven't been able to work out how to update metadata with IB_SQL, so I'd
> appreciate some direct info on that.

The metadata file can be edited in notepad, the problem
names changed, and then you just run it as a script to
create the database on Firebird, at which time problems will
be flagged.

Once you have the new database, just pump from one to the
other using the datapump. Telling it the new names of the
mapped entries to copy to ( just use "'s around the reserved
names ).

As I said - some time since I used it, but it worked for me.

> I've tried IBOConsole, but I don't know how to get started in that because of the need to
> 'Register'. What do I do with it to get it into a state in which I can view and alter
> metadata?

IBConsole is not much use for anything on Firebird. I use
IB_SQL and command line backup/restore.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services