Subject HELP! Trigger Slow Down
Author Gerald W. McCaig

I am having a major problem with an app. I recently created some
triggers, and now some of my other screens that use this same table have
serious slow down problems on POST. It can take over a minute for the
system to free up after I post the transaction.

To test it, I have made the triggers inactive and then the other screens
worked fine again. When I activated them, the slow down reappeared.

I have tried running some updates on this same table in InterBase
Workbench with the Triggers active. There was no problem. I have also
created a sample app to recreate the problem, and there was no problem.

The difference between my sample app and my actual app is that I did not
use TIBOUpdateSQL Object. I am currently using version 4.2G ...

Does anyone know if there is a problem with the update object or if
there is something I can do to resolve this situation?

Thank you in advance for your help