Subject IBO Merchant System and Upgrade Request
Author Jason Wharton
For all those of you who have been trying to process an order for the past
week and been unable to, I have resolved the problem and the system now
works great. Please try your purchase again.

Also, I would appreciate all those who are continuing to access source
updates beyond the time your original purchase allows, to please purchase a
source access subscription extension. I realize I have not always made it
explicitly clear and I am not setup to strictly enforce it either (nor do I
plan to).

IBO is trustware and so I ask for your consideration in these matters. If
you would like to send me a private email to resolve any questions you might
have I would be happy to receive them.

Here's how it works in a nutshell:

Original purchase of a module or a bundle gives you one full year of access
to all source updates for that major version. (NOTE: If a new major version
comes out within 6 months of your original purchase you are automatically
allowed access to the the new major version.) Once the full one year period
is expired and you wish to continue receiving access to the source updates I
post on a regular basis you should purchase an upgrade to extend your source
access. This gives you an additional 6 months of source access and you
should continue to purchase these to keep your subscription current as each
6 months of time expires.

What I recommend all commercial users do is look at their original purchase
date and see if you are still current. If not, please consider purchasing
upgrade(s) to cover all the time you have been accessing the source updates.
Even if you just purchase at the partial level it counts. If funds are too
tight right now to do that, then please send me an email declaring you are
now using it for free under trustware. Also, even if you are not accessing
source updates I still ask (not require) for your consideration to purchase
upgrades simply to show financial support to IBO if you can afford it.

Part of the beauty of trustware is eliminates motivation to stagger out nice
features to keep people paying for upgrades along the way. It delivers its
best ASAP with no delay. IOW: What I want to do is create a product so nice
that it won't need staggered features but instead so I have a product to
fill all needs for a longer period of time and therefore it becomes more
mature and robust. If this concept agrees with you, please continue to
financially support IBO whether you need an upgrade or not just to say
thanks for making a product that doesn't need major upgrades.

Here is where you can purchase an upgrade to the IBO 3.x or the IBO 4 Data
Access Bundle. (Full $175, partial $75) Please consider purchasing as many 6
month upgrades as necessary to cover the time that has gone by.

Also, for those of you using IBO for free you may also consider at least
purchasing the Getting Started Guide or an individual module or two at the
partial level. Even a little bit helps.

As you share a modest portion of your profits with me as you are able to, I
can better serve your needs in return. I also like to support the
Firebird/InterBase community where possible too. Ideally I would like to
just do this purely for the sake of doing it, but I too have all the basic
demands of survival upon my family.

Your financial assistance is most appreciated!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ