Subject Role not working
Author G. Allen Casteran
I have a database with a role defined and privileges granted to a set of
stored procs.

From the IBConsole ISQL window I can login with that username and role and
execute the procs just fine.

When my IBO app logs in to the server and executes the procs I am getting
an errors "no permission for exececute access to procedure xxxx". If I
grant execute permission to the user that allows the proc to run. It
appears that the IB_Connection is not actually logging in with the role

To connect we run this code.
conLDSRD01.Server := conLDSServerName;
conLDSRD01.Path := conLDSDBPath;
conLDSRD01.Username := conLDSUserName;
conLDSRD01.Password := conLDSPassword;
conLDSRD01.SQLRole := conLDSRole;

conLDSRD01 is the TIB_Connection object on the data module. The
TIB_StoredProc has its IB_Connection property pointing to conLDSRD01.

I assumed that this would work but no luck yet. I DID check the spelling
and capitalization of the Role just in case.