Subject Re: [IBO] 2-Way-Replication
Author Jason Wharton
I believe it should be as long as you include rules so that you don't have
recursive replications going on.

I'm thinking about making it so that it is easier to setup but that won't be
for a while. I'm also wanting to look into a way to have more than one
subscriber or target too.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] 2-Way-Replication

> The replication module of IBO is only for one-way-replication. I thought
> about the following scenario:
> Server A is source and Server B is target and I replicate all changes
> from A to B. Now I change Server A to target and Server B to source and
> replicate all changes from B to A. Then I have a 2-way-replication. Is
> this possible with the replication module of IBO ?
> Guido