Subject Re: [IBO] Ib_GRID
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Siva!

IBO is data driven, so what you are looking for is found on the ib_query,
not the grid. The ib_query has a property called Selected which is true or
false for any row, and you can get a list of selected rows using

In general, when you don't find what you expect on the ib_grid, take a look
at the ib_query. It will make sense to you later.


> i am new to ib_objects.we are using ib_grid in
>our application.Ib_grid is connected to one Ib_Query.
>now it is displaying all the query vlaues in the grid.
>now i can able to select individual records by
>pressing ctrl on that row and by clicking the mouse on
>that can i get the values of that particular
>records from that grid if i press some button.