Subject IncSearch problem
Author rsaegerde

is there anybody using TIB_Grid and IncSearch with SearchKeyByKey =
True and SearchNearest = True on table with collation PXW_INTL850?

If so, please tell me what happends, when your IncSearch string is
greater then the last (greatest) key in your sort column. For example
the last key in the sort column is "SOMTHING" and the user press
the "Z" key on the keyboard.

I think, the current row should not change, because there is no row
with key >= "Z".

OK, but what happends in my apps? The dataset in the grid scrolls to
the last row and the blue bar indicating the current row goes away.

Can you see the same behavior in your apps or am I the only one?

I have a very small sample app to demonstrate this, I can send it to

Thanks in advance for any help.