Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot edit current row
Author bmckenna6
> >I'm getting a 'Cannot edit current row' error
> I just noticed this:
> >when attempting to put the Datasource into 'Edit.'
> You get a dataset into Edit mode by calling the Edit method of the
> not the datasource...

I noted previously, I have the following controls:

>DBNavigator, Datasource, IBOQuery, DBGrid, DBMemo.

The DBNavigator, I believe, sets the DataSet mode, via the
Datasource, which is it's only connection. So that's what I
infer by 'put the Datasource into 'Edit.'

As for the previous reply about:

>Neither of these columns is editable. If the purpose of the grid is
>to display the blob for editing, place the blob into a TMemo or
>TDBMemo control.

I also noted above, that is what I have: a DBMemo.