Subject How-To detach a TIB_Dataset from a TIB Query. Stateless TIB_Dataset.
Author Magnus Karlsson

I wish to extract the retrieved data from a TIB_Query and store it in a
TIB_Dataset. The problem is that the data vanish from the TIB_Dataset the
moment I close the TIB_Query? I retrieve the TIB_Dataset by casting the
TIB_Query to a TIB_Dataset (ItÂ’s the only way I have figured out. TIB_Query
inherits from TIB_Dataset.)

Other properties I have looked at is

But they are all NULL.

I also tried to use the copy constructor for TIB_Dataset, with input the
opened TIB_Query, but afterwards I close the TIB_Query and iterating throw
the newly copy-constructed TIB_Dataset I receive a unknown cannot read

Does anyone know how to accomplish a stateless TIB_Dataset?

Magnus Karlsson

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