Subject Re: [IBO] Getting started with Delphi and IBObjects
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>I would like to create a (simple) accounting package, which partially
>already exists in MS Access and which I want to convert. I also would
>like to have it running under Linux in the future.

Then IBO should be the way to go - there are some work being done on a
Kylix version although I think it still has a few bugs.

>Questions are:
>-Do you recommend to start using Delpi and at the same time learn
>IBObjects? Can it be done by a Delphi beginner?

Well, I did. Though I knew a bit of Pascal from before and started by
looking at existing source code rather than writing programs from scratch.

>-Can I use books like "Mastering Delphi" without getting confused by
>the other Database components, or should I skip these chapters?

Skip the bits about IBX, you don't need them - just read the rest.

>-Will it be helpfull to buy the Getting Started Guide? (again for a
>Delphi newbie?

Definitely. It will not help you at all in learning Delphi, but it will
show you nice stuff like using a lookupcombo in a grid as well as more
simple things.

>-Are there any other sources that would help me started?

Geoff covered the Firebird related things, so I will add a couple of Delphi
sites: (a site with many nice tutorials) (helped me once when I needed to work with
things in Excel format) (don't really know much about this site, but bookmarked
it once so I must have found it useful)