Subject Slow stuff
Author Joe Martinez
Since porting my app from BDE to IBO (TDataset-compatable objects), I
have noticed some things that seem to be a lot slower than they were
previously under the BDE.

The first is calling Last() on a dataset, when starting from the first
record. It's taking about 1 minute on a 13,000 row dataset. The second
is doing a SetKey() and GotoKey() operation. This is taking about a
minute as well. Both of these took a lot less time before.

Note, this slowdows only occurs on client machines, and NOT on the same
machine that the server is running on. This leads me to believe that
it's reading all of the records across the network connection just to
get to one particular record. If that is the case, why would it do
that? Shouldn't IBO just fetch the single record that I want? If that
is not the case, then why else would it be so slow? How can I speed it