Subject Re: [IBO] Selectable SP as MasterSource and Detail
Author Jason Wharton
With a selectable procedure as a detail you have to use MasterParamLinks.

You put the parameters in the FROM clause and then in the MasterParamLinks
put the link item entries with the param names on the left and pair them up
with the table.column name in the master dataset referenced with the
mastersource property.


Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Selectable SP as MasterSource and Detail

> Hello,
> (IBO4_Gc, BCB4, FB1)
> I have a selectable SP which will be used as both a Detail and a
> Master dataset. Could someone tell me how to setup the MasterLinks
> and MasterParamLinks for both scenarios (SP is a Detail, and SP is a
> Master). My confusion is that the MasterLinks property requires a
> Tablename which the selectable SP does not have.
> Thanks. Eric.