Subject Accessing 2 dbs - invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction sta
Author DennisCons
I am new to using IBO..

I am trying to convert an ISAPI dll , uses BDE , 2 IB databases, T
to IBO as I get BDE initialization problems.

I am starting with a simple, using a TIBOdatabase , TIBOQuery ,
TDBgrid. ..can connect to one db, access data.

When I try to connect to a second IB database using a second
TIBOdatabase, a
second TIBOQuery, datasource , grid etc. When I activate the query I

ISC error code : 335544332
ISC error message

invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start)

TIBOinternaldataset "form1.iboquery1.(Tibointernaldataset>

Using a TIB_Transaction doesn't seem to help, although my
understanding was
you don't need it with TIBODatabase. I have tried many things with
alll the
properties etc, but cannot make it work.

I have been using delphi for a long time now, is it just me or are
these IBO
components just confusing to work with.

Can anyone recommend a good OLEDB provider for IB / Firebird, I am
going to try to use ADO

DennIs Cons.