Subject Ordering in TIB_QUERY
Author L'Attila
Hi All!

In hungarian ABC there is some special character, for example the good
order is: ...NOÓÖO"P...
I've got an IB_QUERY. When I wrote a SELECT statement into IB_QUERY's
SQL-property with OrderingItems , it orders fine (...NOÓÖO"P...).
But I had to write this statement into stored procedure, and IB_QUERY's
SQL only select from this procedure. It's faster, but when I add
OrderingItem on a stringfield, it does not order well, it's doing:
...NOP...ZÖO"... Stored proc is good, it orders fine, but if I want to
seek in a grid on this IB_QUERY, I have to define OrderingItem.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance: