Subject Re: [IBO] Fields Display Label Wrap
Author John Peterson
I don't believe it can be done by directly editing the stringlist values.
In the initalisation for the data module, add the following:

GridQuery.FieldsDisplayLabel[5] := 'COLOUR=CO'+#13+'NAME';

Change the [5] to match the index of the row in the "FieldsDisplayLabel"
stringlist to be modified.

You will also need to change the displayed height of the heading row to see
this (I am not sure how to change just the Title Row width)


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Subject: [IBO] Fields Display Label Wrap

> Does anyone know what character forces a carriage return/line feed in
> a title when using Field display label? I tried #13#10, but it just
> displays the #13#10 in the title.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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