Subject Re: [IBO] Interbase/Firebird Replication
Author g868avx
Thanks, Thomas. I think that IBObjects one-way replication will be
fine. Basically I am intending to have IB6/FB1 as the backend at
various clients, and want to be able to replicate their data at my
office. So one way will be adequate.

I had an old copy of Delphi v1 lying around (... I know, v1 is real
old.) I found out from Helen Borrie at the IBObjects web site that
they never supported that version, and I was about to go out and buy
Delphi when I discovered I could download a trial version.

I had a quick look at Delphi v1, and I am amazed that it could have
been so well done from the beginning.

I just need to learn enough Delphi to check out that the IBObjects
replication will work for me. But I can imagine I'm going to get
much further into Delphi/Kylix than that. I was especially
interested to see that there was functionality in there to provide
web services... Looks like a really great product.