Subject RE: [IBO] Interbase/Firebird Replication
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> I have only been looking at these dbms' for a couple of weeks. One
> thing I would like to be able to replicate Interbase dbs between two
> servers. I understand that I could use the IBObjects replication
> component to do this. My questions are:
> - Would it be very complex to program this in Delphi using this
> component? I'm totally new to Delphi, but have several years of
> programming experience in a variet of languages.
> - Once the replication has been set up, could it be maintained,
> observed, and logged using general interbase tools (such as
> Quickdesk, IBExpert, Marathon, etc), or would all this have to be
> done via the IBObjects components?

The IBObjects Replication components are for simple One-Way replication
things. This means in one direction from a source to a target database
and not in both directions.

If you are looking for a full-featured replication solution, then you
should have a look on IBReplicator
(also with some interesting infos about internals, if you really want
to develop your own replication mechanism).

> - Are IBObjects limited to working with Interbase servers that are
> running on a Win32 platform?

No. The Interbase/Firebird server can run on any OS, but the compiled
IBO application is windows application.

> - Are there any known problems with IBObjects components that work
> with Interbase dbs not working with Firbird dbs.

There was one issue with older versions of IBO and Firebird v1.0 Final,
which was solved pretty fast. Jason always stated, that he will support

Thomas Steinmaurer
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