Subject TAB key doesn't move focus from TIB_Grid
Author vicser
I have several TIB_Grids in my application.
All of them have the same settings:
TabMovesOut = True
TabStop = True
NavigateOptions = []
ReadOnly = True

All of them display data from different TIB_Queries.
Every TIB_Query being used for display purposes works
in readOnly mode. All TIB_Grids but one work in the same way:
when TAB key is pressed TIB_Grid moves focus to the next control.
The only TIB_Grid doesn't release focus on TAB key press.
It moves focus to the next cell in the row until last cell
in the row is reached and only then moves focus to the next
control. I need focus to move immidiately on TAB key press.
What's the reason?

Thanks in advance for everybody who'll help.
Regards, vicser

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