Subject Re: [IBO] IBO In a CGI
Author Jason Wharton
It is a small library written in Delphi that sits between IIS and your ISAPI
dll. When you have a new version of a ISAPI to deploy you place it in your
scripts area with a .upd extension and then this little loader will see that
there is a new version out there and transparently unload the previous DLL
and load in the new, while renaming it, etc.

Is all you do is take the 64KB DLL and rename it to match your existing DLL
and rename your existing DLL with a .run extension. It then does a proxy for
your isapi.

I cannot remember exactly where I picked this up. Probably off a link from a
newsgroup or something. Send me a private email and I'll send you the
version I have modified to more suite my personal liking.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> > I use ISAPI even for development now that I found a utility
> > that allows me to unload the DLL from the server without
> > having to restart the web-server.
> I know It's not IBO related, but could you fill me in on how you do that?
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