Subject Re: [IBO] Record not located
Author Jason Wharton
You have not supplied a primary key value in order for the client to know
how to update the single record on the server. Either that or you have
altered the primary key on the server in triggers or something.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Record not located

> Ok, I know this has been discussed a thousand times before.
> Here is the scenario with the transaction set to autocommit false:
> Insert a new record in a grid by arrowing down.
> Input the data.
> Arrow pack up to post.
> Arrow down again.
> Edit the data.
> Arrow back up and the "Record not located" error occurs.
> I guess this isn't really a problem and certainly not a bug, it's
> just the way it is. What I have done is to place a IB_Query.Refresh
> command on the OnPost event of the dataset. The refresh seems to
> resync everything and eliminate the error.
> I guess my question is, is this the right way of doing it? I don't
> see any real problem doing the refresh, but it does seem a little
> convoluted or redundant.
> Thanks,
> Paul