Subject Re: [IBO] Record not located
Author Geoff Worboys
> Insert a new record in a grid by arrowing down.
> Input the data.
> Arrow pack up to post.
> Arrow down again.
> Edit the data.
> Arrow back up and the "Record not located" error occurs.

Hi Paul,

This sounds like a keylink problem.


1. You keylinks are not set and KeyLinksAutoDefine is false or the
statement does not have a primary key. (Or is a joined query in which
case you must provide keylinks.)

2. You have triggers altering the value of the key fields. Which
means that IBO does not know the identity of the record to
refresh/reread it from the server.

The second problem is most commonly caused by generators. You need to
tell IBO which generator to use for the primary key field (see
GeneratorLinks in the online help) and make sure that your trigger
only generates a new value is not give one. eg.

IF( Key_Field IS NULL ) THEN
Key_Field = GEN_ID( MY_GEN, 1 );


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing