Subject Re: [IBO] Pessimistic Lock
Author Metin G´┐Żnen
> First be sure you need PessimisticLocking. Presuming you decide
> you want it...

Any other alternatives ? . I am not sure to use it. But it seems to solve
my problem.
Let me explain it . I have a dataset for updating totals of some
calculations. Say A and B fields have
values A:=500 and B:=1000 .

Two clients are browsing this dataset and both of them; on their screen
they see A:=500 and B:1000
The first client goes into edit mode and while he was waiting in edit mode
the second client also goes into
edit mode and adds 500 to field A . and then posts. Now on the secont
client's screen he sees A:1000 and
B:=1000. After this , the first cliend posts the dataset and he sees A:=500
and B:1000 . Because the last posted
client is the first one , the main data on the server resets to A::500 and
B:1000. When the second client refreshes he also
see A:=500 and B:=1000. His update was lost.

In this stuation what is the best way to solve the problem ? With or without
pessimistic lock and how ?

Thank You for your effort.

Kind Regards,

Metin Gonen