Subject Re: [IBO] Data Dump
> Using the IB_SQL tool, I did a dump of my database and notices that
> the column create order was kept for some tables and not fro some
> others. What is the deal with this? I would recompile the tool and
> try again if I could get it working right. Anyone with any
> suggestions? I need to dump the tables becuase I pass them to a a
> bulk loader and it looks for the columns in the creation order.

In Firebird there is no such thing as 'creation order' once
edits are applied to the database. The records are 'stored'
in a random order and use the available space so that
deleted records will be reused later. These deleted records
happen when the multi-generational stuff kicks in, as
several copies of the same record can exist while edits are
in progress. Until all changes are committed, then you only
know the order of the records from you 'view' of the data.

If you need to keep the records in some particular order
then you need an ordering field. It sounds as if you need a
'created' date stamp, which is automatically filled when the
record is first created. That is how I manage my log file

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services