Subject Database location and website location
Author Charles Stanley
Hi All,

I may be in the wrong forum for this question, if so, please point me in
the right direction.


I have an existing FB database, with user access powered by IBO 4.x. I'd
also like to have a web site access the same DB via IBO. Presently, the
web site is accessing a clone of the DB, residing on the same machine as
the web server.


In production, the web site will be on "machine 1", where the web server
is, and the DB is on "machine 2" Is it as simple as using UNC naming to
get the web site reading/writing to/from the DB on "machine 2", or are
there complications here I'm over looking.

The last thing I want to do is get involved in that data corruption that
I've read so much about when program A is using a different connection
string from program B.

For what it's worth, we're using IntraWeb and IBO ( very nice combo by the
way ) for the web site development, and Delphi for the "regular"
application development. Any suggestions are gladly welcomed.