Subject ANN: InterBase Workbench 1.2 available!
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce a new version of
InterBase Workbench - the developer tool for InterBase and Firebird.

This version includes support for the latest Firebird features!

InterBase Workbench gives you an easy-to-use application to create,
edit and extract your database objects, export tables, run scripts,
extract metadata, run ad-hoc SQL statements and much much more...

InterBase Workbench works well on low-bandwith connections because
of extensive caching in the object editors and by using IBObjects -
the best InterBase/Firebird connectivity suite for Delphi and
CPP Builder.

InterBase Workbench supports InterBase and Firebird - download a
trial copy at - go there now!

Version 1.2

New features:

- Support for UNICODE in data grids
- More help-topics added to helpfile
- All source-code editors now support ctrl+shift+C to (un)comment the
current line or selected block
- Added support for the ISO8859_2 character set

Domain Editor
- Alter datatype of existing domains (IB6, FB1)

Table Editor
- Column Name column is sortable

View Editor
- Added Data tab

Database Search
- Search table/view columns
- Search procedure parameters
- Search domain check constraints
- Search check constraints

Database Navigator
- Copy DDL to Clipboard

Database Restore
- Added 16Kb page-size support for Firebird

Bug fixes and small enhancements:
Bugfix: Removed an Access Violation from the UDF Editor when refreshing from
Bugfix: Removed a bug that could close the application are Refresh from
Database in the DB Navigator
Bugfix: Removed a bug with altering the CHECK CONSTRAINT of a Domain
Bugfix: Removed some bugs in the Auto-Inc Wizard
Bugfix: Removed a bug with all object editors still showing a newly created
object after it has been dropped from the DB Navigator right after creation
Bugfix: Fixed a bug for the INSERT export and BLOB Text fields/large VARCHAR
Bugfix: Fixed a bug with the INPUT directive when running scripts
Bugfix: Small bug fixed related to CHECK constraint clause for Domains
Bugfix: Removed '`' character to be used in the Test Data Generator.
IBExpress failes on this when doing updates.
Bugfix: Fixed a bug with the UDF editor not showing the return-argument
Bugfix: Fixed a bug for Float/Double field in the Test Data Generator -> no
decimals could be entered
Bugfix: Computed By edit window (Table Editor) no longer UpperCases your
Bugfix: Server Log window wouldn't close if an error occured
Bugfix: Statement Recorder was using the wrong statement terminator. It now
uses a SET TERM statement first.
Bugfix: Creating a new database no longer keeps an extra connection open
Bugfix: Line numbering in Stored Procedure Editor & Check Constraint Editor
adjusted to fit error message line number
Enhancement: Improved dependency browsing
Enhancement: Several small enhancements
Enhancement: Improved SQL Insight handling
Enhancement: Auto show description in Database Navigator
Enhancement: Database Navigator more responsive to right/double-click
without expanding nodes first
Enhancement: Fetching of Indices and displaying them in the Database
Navigator is a lot faster

Martijn Tonies
InterBase Workbench - the developer tool for InterBase and Firebird

Upscene Productions

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If we change anything, the users object."