Subject Re: [IBO] update connection
Author Daniel Bertin
Hi Helen,
I have only 2 components, IBODatabase, and IB_Script on the form

in the script there is only create table and insert statements.
do I need a connect string in the script?? the properties take care of this
don't they?

I changed the code in the button to:
with scUpdate do
IB_Connection := updateServer;
same error. I'm totaly confused(obviously)

At 02:12 AM 19/05/2002 +1000, you wrote:
>At 08:58 AM 18-05-02 -0700, you wrote:
> >nope,
> >ScUpdate.IB_connection = updateServer
> >
> >updateServer.connected = true
> >updateServer.protocol = cpLocal
>I read back on your previous posting and the error you reported. Did I
>miss something, or do you have a CONNECT statement in your script? This
>error will occur if you are already connected to the database (as
>above). And of course you must be connected to a database in order to DROP
>In short, use the connection to connect to the database; issue a DROP
>DATABASE command. Once you commit the statement, you are no longer
>connected to the database - because it no longer exists. The next thing to
>do would be to issue a CREATE DATABASE statement, which will cause you to
>be you don't have both CREATE DATABASE and CONNECT statements
>in the same script.
>(But maybe I'm off track with what you are really doing...)
>Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)
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