Subject Re: [IBO] How find where a program uses unnecessary BDE units?
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., Frank Ingermann <frank@f...> wrote:
> Hi Marco / Artur,
> > But I think that the DB file that you are talking about it's not BDE
> > related: it's there to use the TDataset descendants.

Oh, yes, I wrote BDE but I meant TDataset :(
FastReport supports IBO with a series of compiler directive that shifts TDataset definitions to IBO ones. Usually if you fail in doing so an error is raised because you are using the wrong type. In some cases you can still use Tdataset code against IBO one... (i.e. if you are comparing types, like: if (IBO_Query is TQuery) then ...
This way a lot of TDataset definition is "included" I think. I would like to avoid this.
I will try GExpert, thanks :)
Marco Menardi