Subject Re: [IBO] FYI: new IBPhoenix CD contains "IBO-friendly" Firebird build
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Fernando,

Fernando Deola wrote:
> Hi, Frank:
> I am wondering if the only way to get the 'IBO-friendly' build (821) is
> purchasing the IBPhoenix CD.
> The latest build available for download seems to be 796 (that made me
> sad...). Until I'm sure FB is perfectly 'married' with IBO I won't use it.
> Any idea?

in the "official" download area at sourceforge there seems to be only the
796 build... the build from the CD is


i really don't know if there's another place to download it, maybe you
could ask this question in IB-support or firebird-devel. Or ask
Pavel Cisar (who manages the firebird site at sourceforge) directly
to place the 821 build there, too.

you wrote:
>Until I'm sure FB is perfectly 'married' with IBO I won't use it.

well, i tested an insert with (table.column) syntax against 821 and it
worked just fine. afaik this was the only glitch with FB and IBO, and
this one's definetly fixed with the 821 build...

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