Subject New Firebird/IB Hosting Available
Author Don Gollahon
Kim Han Peck is pleased to present a new service to the Delphi/Firebird
community - - Delphi Friendly Web Hosting.

Features include:
- Support for EWF, IntraWeb, WebSnap and .NET
- Complete CGI and ISAPI application support
- BDE, MS-SQL, Firebird and other databases
- TCP/IP socket servers for general purpose or thin client (ASTA, DBISAM
- SMTP server for sending mail
- All standard web services such as email, ftp, logging, etc.
- Virtual accounts from $24.95 per month
- Dedicated / semi-dedicated solutions available
- Delphi-knowledgeable technical support staff

For more information, please go to:


Don Gollahon