Subject Re: [IBO] Two datasets, One inserted, Other updated fetching
Author Geraldo Lopes de Souza
"Geoff Worboys" <geoff@...> escreveu na mensagem
> I guess my point is that I *suspect* using FetchWholeRows will be as
> efficient as your two TIB_Query approach - and it is a whole lot
> simpler. The only way to be certain is to test it out (you can use
> the IB_Status form to report on number of statements etc). And the
> beauty of FetchWholeRows is that you can easily turn it off/on
> according to a particular situation. For example on a wide-band
> network having it on may be more effective/efficient, while turning it
> on for a narrow-band network on may be better.
> Its your choice, I'm just offering my opinion.


Thank you very much,

Geraldo Lopes de Souza