Subject TIB_IncSearch and OrderingLink property
Author Russell Belding
I am wondering if there is a little bug in the TIB_IncSearch control?

If the OrderingLink property value is blank the bug does not appear.

Example: Using formTutorial3 (found in the lastest IBO distribution) set the
incSearch's OrderingLink property to 1. Then open the dataset, click in the
incSearch control, type some text and see the search mechanism is working.
Then click inside the grid and then click back inside the incSearch control.
Searching now is not working. Click on the title bars of the grid to order
the grid data by Description or BarCode. Reenter the incSearch control.
Searching is still not working.

By removing the call to CheckOrderingLink in procedure TIB_IncSearch.CMEnter
in IB_IncSearch.PAS the bug is gone, but this is only an obsrvation not a
thoughtful suggestion.