Subject Re: Different insert behavior (BDE->IBO)
Author ehandbury
TIB_UpdateBar has the AppendOnInsert property for exactly this reason.


--- In IBObjects@y..., Joe Martinez <joe@j...> wrote:
> I just noticed a strange difference in behavior in my app since
> converting from BDE to IBO (TDataset compatability). I'm using a
> TDBNavigator to insert, delete, navigate, etc. When I was using
BDE, if
> I hit the "+" button to insert a record, it would put the new
record at
> the end of the dataset. Now, under IBO, it sticks in right in the
> middle of the dataset (right before whatever record I was currently
> before clicking the "+" button. If I exit my app and come back in,
> record has moved to the end of the dataset.
> Why is this? Is there a way to go back to the BDE way of putting
it at
> the end?
> -Joe