Subject Re: [IBO] Changing MasterLinks at runtime
Author Bob
> I think you will have to have them closed at the time you switch the
> MasterSource property, otherwise you will be attempting to dereference
> things that are still actively being linked to by the datasource. But try
> it. The worst that can happen is an AV. <g>

I think either I misunderstand you, or vice-versa. Sorry for repeating
myself, but I want to understand what you're suggesting. Consider three
1. Contract, which contains (among other things) "LOC_ID" (location ID).
2. FreightLanes, which has two fields "ORIG_ID" and "DEST_ID", both of which
are references to LOC_ID's, and a few other columns.
3. Location, with Primary Key LOC_ID, and a field called LOC_NAME.

There is no direct relationship between Contract.LOC_ID and Location.LOC_ID,
FYI. It's indirect through FrtLane.

I want to display all FreightLanes where either
criteria is used will depend on the contract type).

Initially I thought I could change the MasterLinks for qrFrtLane. The
MasterSource would be qrContract in either case, right? I guess I don't
follow what you're saying about switching the MasterSource.

I hope I'm explaining this clearly enough. Let me know if I'm not.

> I don't wanna harp, but could you watch the requoting?
Sure, sorry about that.