Subject Two datasets, One inserted, Other updated fetching only the inserted
Author Geraldo Lopes de souza

I'm using two datasets to deal with large tables. One read-only dataset with
few collumns for the grid, and other with all collumns, details datasets,
lookups, calc fields, for editing the current record of the grid dataset.

What I'm trying to achieve is the insertion of the newly created row in the
buffer of the grid dataset when it get inserted in the Edit dataset,
simulating the insertion
in the grid dataset.

I have played with DMLCacheFlags (good stuff), InsertBufferBookmark,
LookupKeyForFields with some success.

The problem is when I execute GridDataset.BookMark := EditDataset.BookMark
in order to go to the inserted row in GridDataset many records are fetched
depending on the position of the inserted record in the current dataset's

It would be nice if I could insert just inserted row in GridDataset like in
a insertion.

Thanks in advance

Geraldo Lopes de Souza