Subject Re: [IBO] Running the Interbase Server under user account
> Hi, I'm running Interbase 6 using EasySofts interbase driver on a
> Windows 2000 Pro system. I'm trying to run the Interbase Server
> using a local account rather than the system account. However,
> whenever I try to connect to the database it throws 'unavailable
> database'. Works fine when using the system account.
> I've tried:
> - using the Administrator account (ensured password was also
> correct).
> - ensured that directory and database file permissions are set to
> full control for the Administrator user.
> Hopefully, someone here can help me out because I've tried searching
> the web and cannot seem to find any concrete help concerning this
> particular situation.

You will be better of taking this to the ib-support list,
there are more 'experts' listening who understand other
things such as EasySoft driver.

First problem - Interbase 6 server should start as a
service, so that the account you are logged on as does not
matter. If you are trying to start it as an application,
then I think there may be a problem.

This list is for people who use IBObjects to access the
server. What happens when you try and access using IB_SQL (
I do not see where the EasySoft driver comes in <g> )?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services