Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Problems compiling sample programs
> Never mind, I think it's working now. I created a new project and
> copied ALL the files to it, so now I could delete the default
> main .cpp file, and it compiles OK.

That is exactly what Borland say you should do - why they
provide a convert routine that they admit does not work I do
not know - perhaps to keep up with Microsoft's record <g>

> > now I get a linker error "Unable to open file 'FILECTRL.OBJ'.
> >
> > 2/ So I added the line
> > USEPACKAGE("..\..\Lib\Release\vclx50.bpi");

That is one that I keep hitting - and I can't remember how
how you fix it - but the correct library gets added
automatically when you load a new file. Again something the
I am sure Borland could have fixed in an automatic convert.

If you have a working set of Builder6 samples, send them to
me privately and I will 'cross-check' them and perhaps we
can get them on the website. I don't think we want to bloat
the IBO4 download with any more stuff - we could do with
creating a samples area - ( or just expand the contributed
code area - Helen )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services