Subject Two questions on IB_SQL
Author Joe Martinez
I have a couple questions about IB_SQL's User Account Management.

1) If I just start up IB_SQL, go to the Connection tab, and click on the
"Administer Users..." icon, I'm presented with the "User Account
Management" screen. If I try to do anything, I get an error message
that says, "DatabaseName cannot be blank". It only works if I fill in
the database name before clicking the icon. Why is that? Isn't user
account management completely distinct from database files? In the past
(with Server Manager and IBConsole), there was (rightly) no need to
connect to an actual database to administer users. All that was needed
was to log into the server. Why is that different here?

2) When entering a new password for a user, there's no "confirm
password" prompt. I think that's a very important thing to have when
entering a password, in case of a finger slip. If you don't have to
confirm the new password (especially when changing the SYSDBA password),
you could really mess things up. Any reason that's not there?