Subject RE: Re[2]: [IBO] IB and IBO Newsgroup problem
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Dieter,

>> I do not know if I should laugh or cry if a UNIX and Database
>> admin is not allowed to read news or has no contract with his ISP that
>> describes what is routed or not.
CRY - that's what I do. It's all down to managment wanting to cut down on
the amount of time employees spend on the internet etc. They have decreed
that NNTP is not allowed, so out it goes. We have tried arguing our point,
but to no avail. In the past, we had a proxy server which stopped nntp from
all but those who needed it. Now proxy is gone and the new firewall is in
place. This allows or forbids nntp end of story. Everyone has it or no-one.
So, management say 'no-one'. Hence the problem.

The news feed is probably a related problem but at least the NT gurus are
working on it. But then again, news isn't a high priority, so delays are
inevitable. Oh hum.

>> Is it not allowed in the UK to change the ISP because of bad services?
This sounds more like being slaves than
>> UNIX admins. ;-)

We are slaves !

>> Sorry for being a bit polemic, but it is a great mistake for me to let
>> proved and reliable protocols die because of those strange arguments.

No apology required. I've been having a good rant about it myself. Talking
of strange arguments and management, have you seen the 'disclaimer' that is
tagged on to my emails. It was designed by a legal firm, and says, near the
end, that if you are not authorised to read it, not to read it.
Unfortunately, you already have by then !

I like this better as a disclaimer tag :

SELECT standard_disclaimer
FROM comapny_stuff
WHERE meaningful_content = 'NONE';



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