Subject Re: [IBO] Some problems with tib_lookupcombo and tib_searchpanel
Author Luiz

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From: "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@...>
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> I am unable to change these since they are both aspects of the VCL
> inherited from.
> The problem with Tib_lookupcombo showing insufficient height to show rows
> of a dataset persists in IBO 4.2.Ha.

If I use this code in IB_Grid.pas the original problem disappears. But, the
columns appears wth the last column width increased.

Excuse my ignorance, but are you sure there is not to do to avoid the

function TIB_CustomGrid.WidthForAllCols: integer;
ii: integer;
Result := 0;
//for ii := 0 to ColCount - 1 do {I remove}
//Inc( Result, ColWidths[ ii ]); {I remove}
for ii := 0 to GridFieldCount - 1 do {I add}
Inc( Result, GridFields[ii].DefaultWidth); {I add}
if ColLines or FixedColLines then
Inc( Result, GridLineWidth * ( ColCount + 1 )); // could change ColCount
with GridFieldCount??
Inc( Result, Width - ClientWidth );