Subject TIB_LookupEnh
Author Luiz

Beacause problems with height of tib_lookupcombo, and as Jason said, is a
VCL problem, I am trying to use TIB_LookupEnh instead of.

Is possible to configure a TIB_LookupEnh to work showing only the
LookupSource table without I have to set a Datasource to main table? I can
do it with tib_lookupcombo but with TIB_LookupEnh, I don't know which
settings I have to do.

I need TIB_LookupEnh does only a browse in a table as tib_grid does. There
is no MainSource.
While I am trying, if I don't set Datasource and/or DataField then
TIB_LookupEnh stays disabled.

Which this properties, do I have to change?
object IB_LookupEnh1: TIB_LookupEnh
DataField = 'LOOKUP_KEY'
DataSource = MainSource
LookupField = 'NAME'
LookupSource = LookupSource
DisplayField = 'LOOKUP_NAME'