Subject Questions about TIB_DataPump
Author David Husarik
Hi Group;

I am looking at using TIB_DataPump component for the
first time and I have a few questions. I was looking
at the tutorial that came with IB Objects 3.6Dj and
studying the properties that were set for the EMP
Button and associated components. The crEmp :
TIB_Cursor is using a very simple select statement.
Select fields from table. The dsqlEmp : TIB_DSQL is
also using a very simple insert statement. Insert into
table fields values field values. These 2 properties
seem very straightforward but if I have 100 records in
table 1 that I want to put into table 2 is the
DataPump component going to select all the records in
table 1 and push them into table 2. Also is there any
problems with using a generator to create the record
id behind the scenes on the insert statement.

Also, dpEmp : TIB_DataPump, I understand the
properties dstStatement and SrcDataset. I am totally
unsure of the DPItemAttributes and DstLinks
properties. Do I need to do something with these
properties, the exact same fields appear in both
tables or will calling datapump.execute set up the

I am using Delphi 4.0 professional with service pack 3
and IB Objects 3.6Dj.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
David Husarik

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